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 Purely bahay

Curator and distributor of pure vanilla extract and other simple, quality, natural handcrafted goods  

limited quantity available

Madagascar Grade A Vanilla Bean Pods

These vanilla beans are high quality whole Grade A vanilla pods that have a high moisture content. These are great for baking, cooking, brewing, coffee, making ice creams, and other deserts.  We have a limited quantity available. Buy now while supplies last.

300 Php




Pure. Simple. Good


Purely Bahay was started in 2020 in Metro Manila, Philippines. "Bahay"  means home or house in the native dialect there.  Home is the place that feeds, nurtures, supports, and gives life authentically (without pretense or extra-processing).  Purely Bahay or "purely home" was developed to provide  and supply pure, unprocessed, natural, quality home goods and essentials.

Bahay was shortened from Bahay Kubo. Bahay Kubo represents the Filipino value of bayanihan which describes when the community unifies spiritually to achieve a goal. In the past, this spirit of community unity was usually depicted in pictures with community members practicing bayanihan by joining together to move a house to a new location.  Purely Bahay was developed on these same principles. We want to join with our customers to promote simple, natural living. We also practice bayanihan  by using some of our proceeds to support communities in need in the Philippines and around the world.

Moreover, we sell natural, hand-crafted household products and materials to support the self-producing natural enthusiasts who wants authentic, simple home (bahay) living. We started off making pure hand-crafted artisan pure vanilla extract and selling refillable containers. We have since expanded. We have individual and wholesale options available. We want to support and promote natural, pure, and simple everyday living in your bahay.  Therefore, if you are interested in a product that we do not carry, please contact us.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

- Gary Snyder-



 Many consumers want pure, authentic, non-toxic products for their home and themselves. Purely Buhay is a business dedicated to providing natural home essentials and we want to support and promote natural, pure, and simple everyday living. If you need refillable amber glass bottles and other lead free jars, bottles, or containers for essential oils, canning, cosmetics, travel, cleaning products, cleansers, food storage, and other zero-waste living items, please contact us. Individual and wholesale options available.

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